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High On Hope 

High on Hope

Newcomers to the world of Gwyn Thomas could do no better than obtain a copy of  'High on Hope'.  

This collection of extracts from Gwyn's articles for the Western Mail is edited by Jeffrey Robinson and Brian McCann and is unmistakably Gwyn Thomas.  High on Hope captures the many facets of his distinctive style. Long essays, shorter passages and brief quotations combine to produce a vivid miscellany which aptly demonstrates his penetrating observations on life as he saw it. 

The reader can share his shocked bewilderment at mankind's stupidity, his rabid indignation at society's misconduct and his grateful acknowledgement of bursts of compassion and understanding. The result is often reminiscent of his brilliant conversation.

'High on Hope' is intended as a book for the reader to dip into - to discover or rediscover Gwyn Thomas's unique style and, through the laughter he inspires, perhaps to appreciate a little better the world in which we live.

Some copies are still available from the Gwyn Thomas Estate which is managed by Jeffrey Robinson who can be contacted by e-mail.


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