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Selected Exits


 'A Few Selected Exits' is the nearest Gwyn came to writing an autobiography.  This cover is the first edition published in 1968.  

In a fit of directness he gave the American edition of the book the subtitle: An Autobiography of Sorts. It is an apt description for a book which tells the reader little about its author's life, in the manner expected of autobiographies, but much about the author himself, through the many digressions and digressions from digressions which make up the body of the book. As Gwyn Thomas once said "If I have an art, obliquity is its essence."

He always said that one day he would write the definitive version.  He never did!

Anthony Hopkins as Gwyn 

This book was to form the basis for the television film 'Selected Exits' starring Anthony Hopkins.

In 1993 the BBC approached the Gwyn Thomas Estate with a view to producing a film of Gwyn's autobiography - A Few Selected Exits to be titled 'Selected Exits'.   The screen play was by Alan Plater, with Geraint Morris producing and Tristram Powell directing. 

The leading role - that of Gwyn Thomas himself - was played by Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Lyn, Gwyn's widow, had only recently died, and many of her effects, furniture, ornaments, china, etc. were luckily still available to the production team.   Consequently every effort was made to 'get it right' and the film had a very authentic look indeed.   Sir Anthony Hopkin's great ability and skill in 'becoming' the character of Gwyn added enormously to the realism of the film.

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